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925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

All of our silver products at DVNE are made of .925 sterling silver.  In contrast to .950 sterling silver, .925 sterling silver is sturdier.  Additionally, most of our silver jewelry are plated with a coat of rhodium, platinum or gold for further protection from erosion.

However, silver jewelry will darken over time/use/exposure to chemicals.  Here are some simple tips to ensure your silver remain clean and brilliant:

Use & Care

Remove jewelry when swimming in sea water, pools with chlorine, bathing, while in sauna and hot tub.  The chemical in these water sources may tarnish your silver jewelry. Distilled water is the most ideal water to use to clean your jewelry.


Put on skincare, lotions, sunscreen prior to your jewelry.


Store your jewelry a clean and dry place. Avoid placing your jewelry in/near the bathroom.


Use the silver polishing cloth (included with your DVNE jewelry purchase) to gently polish, wipe away light tarnish.  Each piece of polishing cloth is embedded with a polishing agent. Please do not wet the cloth.


You can purchase more silver polish cloths or you can utilize many available DIY, natural methods to clean silver jewelry.  Here are some cleaning methods:


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